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Enhancing the Interview Process 350 175 IMEA

Enhancing the Interview Process

Beyond the need to capture financial data about new or existing clients, an interview session is the primary opportunity to understand clients’ objectives.

Igniting Acquisition: FireStarters 700 350 IMEA

Igniting Acquisition: FireStarters

This program offers a step-by-step process to ignite client acquisition by targeting the “right” prospects and delivering an extraordinary prospect experience to win over new clients.

The Science of Negotiations 700 350 IMEA

The Science of Negotiations

Learn the process to unlock and understand your clients’ deepest interests and turn every negotiation into a win/win.

The Art of WOW 700 350 IMEA

The Art of WOW

This program helps you systemize “WOW” across your practice – helping you cultivate loyalty among existing clients and attract new business.

Biagnostics 700 350 IMEA


Behavioral finance meets client experience.